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Welcome to the GSFA YouTube Channel. We are constantly developing video content to educate both homebuyers and lending and real estate professionals about the GSFA homeownership programs. Stay up-to-date on the program features and guidelines, watch real homebuyer success stories and much more!

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Watch real-life success stories of individuals and families who became homeowners through the GSFA down payment assistance programs. Listen to a variety of challenges they may have faced and how they overcame these challenges to achieve the dream of homeownership.

Season 2 - Episode 1
"From a Studio to a 4-Bedroom"

“With the way the market is, sometimes that can even be the difference whether or not you can even get something because when the values are going up so much if you need to wait two years to save up you might end up getting priced out. It definitely helped to accelerate the process or even make it possible.” - Michael Pluguez

Season 1 - Episode 4
"You Are Never Too Old"

“You are never too old to get into homeownership. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves. It could be good to push [sic], or it could be bad, depending on how hard you are on yourself. Just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other.” - Tanya Hildreth

The GSFA Affordable Housing Series with The Power is Now Media is a financial literacy series developed by Golden State Finance Authority, to help homebuyers achieve the dream of homeownership. Watch Segment 1-3 of Part 5, where we explore the bigger topic of getting prepared for a mortgage loan and meeting the qualifying guidelines for the GSFA Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Segment 1
DTIs, Cosigners and Co-borrowers

In this video, Eric Frazier and Carolyn Sunseri discuss GSFA's requirement for Debt-to-Income Ratios and the use of a Cosigner or co-borrower to help the primary borrower qualify.

Segment 2
FICO Scores and Credit Requirements

In this video, Eric Frazier and Carolyn Sunseri discuss GSFA's FICO Scores and Credit Requirements and what a borrower with low or no FICO scores can do to build their credit.

Segment 3
Credit Challenges, Financial or Personal Hardships

In this video, Eric Frazier and Carolyn Sunseri discuss credit challenges, and financial circumstances and personal hardships such as: Divorce and/or Separation, Bankruptcy, Short sales, Foreclosures and Deed In lieu, and Tax Liens and Collection accounts. They dispel the myth that these circumstances will always stop a borrower from becoming a homeowner.

This series is specifically designed for our mortgage and real estate partners and explores the latest program updates and enhancements as published in the Single-Family Program Bulletins. New to the GSFA programs? — Join us as we dive deep into program features and provides answers for frequently asked questions from our lending partners.

2023 | May 31
Our Redesigned Website

Here at Golden State Finance Authority, we don’t simply provide access to program information to expand your business, we seek ways to evolve and improve your online experience. The new redesigned GSFA website features a bold new look and an optimum viewing experience with a mobile friendly and responsive design. (More)

2023 | March 8
Loan Limits & More

Today's GSFA Lender Updates and Insights explains changes and enhancements to the GSFA Down Payment Assistance Programs as announced in GSFA Single-Family Bulletins #23-01 and #23-02. …

2022 | March 1
GSFA Income Limits Unpacked

Today's GSFA Lender Updates and Insights breaks down the Income Limits associated with the GSFA Down Payment Assistance Programs. Hear from Meagan Harris in our training department as she dives into the program guidelines concerning income limits and explains their flexibility…

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