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Lender Participation Guide

GSFA Platinum® Program

Information in this Participation Guide is intended for mortgage professionals only. The Guide furnishes Lenders (and real estate professionals) with complete program guidelines and an understanding of the steps to be taken to begin participating in and/or originating GSFA Platinum Program transactions. It is organized into tabs below for easy reference.<

NOTE: Homebuyers interested in applying for GSFA Platinum homebuyer assistance will want to contact a Participating Lender for complete program guidelines, interest rates and APRs, and a program application.

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GSFA Platinum® Term Sheets
Program Updates (Single-Family Bulletins)
Income Limits

GSFA does not set limits for FHA, VA and USDA loans originated through the GSFA Platinum Program. Please refer to the respective loan agency guidelines for any applicable income limits that may apply.

For the income limits on Freddie Mac Conventional Loans originated through the GSFA Platinum Program, please use the income limit lookup tool below.

Reservation System
US Bank Approval (Master Servicer)

Obtain approval as a Correspondent Lender with Servicer, US Bank, HFA Division

  • Website:
  • Toll-free (800) 562-5165 (no voice mail)
  • E-mail:
GSFA Approval

Complete and return to GSFA signed copies of the following documents:

US Bank Support
  • Lender Management
    • For new or reactivation package requests, general inquiries on new or existing lenders, all existing account inquiries.
    • E-mail:
  • Client Support
    • For HFA program related inquiries.
    • 1-800-562-5165, Option 2
    • E-mail:
  • HFA Customer Care
    • Contact for post-closing/pre-funding status requests, questions on deficiencies, pooling, and post-closing/pre-funding policies and procedures.
    • 1-800-562-5165, Option 1
    • E-mail:
  • Lenders can also refer to the HFA Lending Directory that is in the Lending Guide in AllRegs.
    • Website:
    • Scroll down to ‘Discover customized partnerships for HFA lending’ section
    • Select the Select the ‘HFA Guidelines’ link
Lender / Realtor Training

We provide a variety of resources to help mortgage and real estate professionals in understanding and utilizing the GSFA homeownership programs on our Lender/Realtor Training page.

These include:

  • Online Webinars
  • In-Person Events
  • Lender Updates & Insights Videos
  • Additional Resources

View the Training Calendar and other resources.

Homebuyer Tri-fold Brochure - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Select" Occupations Tri-fold Brochure - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Select" Occupations Flyer - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Select" USDA Tri-fold Brochure - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Select" USDA Flyer - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Assist-to-Own" Tri-fold Brochure - Lender/Realtor Template
Platinum "Assist-to-Own" Flyer - Lender/Realtor Template

GSFA Platinum® Program

Down Payment Assistance Up to 5.5% — Not Limited to First-Time Homebuyers

Imagine what down payment assistance could do for your borrowers.

Program Overview

The GSFA Platinum Program provides financial assistance, up to 5.5% of the Loan Amount, to qualifying homebuyers in conjunction with a variety of First Mortgage Loans, including Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans. There is no requirement that an applicant be a first-time homebuyer to qualify.

The assistance is provided in a variety of forms, depending on the Program option and amount of assistance…

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