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With affordability and saving to buy a home becoming more and more difficult for California homebuyers, the demand for financial assistance is at a record high. By participating in the GSFA programs, you can open up a whole new revenue stream, become a down payment assistance expert AND help more homebuyers.

The GSFA Learning Resource Center offers a wide variety of materials to help you do business with GSFA. Browse our online resources which include Participant Guides, training webinars, educational videos, events and marketing support services for lenders and real estate professionals.

Participant Guides

Intended for Mortgage Professionals

Participant Lender Guides contain all program information Lenders need to offer the GSFA homebuyer assistance programs, including program term sheets, forms, participation requirements, and much more.

Lender/Realtor Training

Our goal is to teach mortgage professionals to succeed, while also helping homebuyers achieve the dream. By taking advantage of our Training Webinars, you can learn not only guidelines, but also each program's advantages and how to market it to homebuyers.

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Exploring the Facts - "Those Darn DPAs"

Down payment assistance (DPA) programs can open new doors for homebuyers? So, why do some realtors and loan officers shy away from utilizing and promoting them? ---

Hear from DPA experts on:

  • Market challenges and solutions
  • Common obstacles and misconceptions about DPA programs and how to overcome them
  • Why and how to create successful agent/lo partnerships






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