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Administration Office

1215 K Street, Suite 1650
Sacramento, CA 95814

Normal Business Hours

Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM PST/PDT

Holidays / Reservation System Status

The GSFA administration office will be closed on the dates listed below.

Please note: The Online Reservation System may still be available when the administration office is closed. Typically, the Online Reservation System will be available if the Bond or TBA market is open. See below for the status of the Online Reservation System on scheduled Holidays.

  Date   Admin Office   Reservation
  Jan 2, 2023 Closed
  Jan 15, 2023 Closed Closed
  Feb 20, 2023 Closed Closed
  March 31, 2023 Closed Closed
  May 29, 2023 Closed Closed
  July 4, 2023 Closed Closed
  Sept 4, 2023 Closed Closed
  Oct 9, 2023 Closed Closed
  Nov 10, 2023 Closed Closed
  Nov 23, 2023 Closed
  Nov 24, 2023 Closed Closed
  Dec 22, 2023 Closed
  Dec 25, 2023 Closed Closed
  Dec 29, 2023 Closed

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