GSFA Advanced Rebate Payment (ARP) Program

Provides Bridge Financing for Energy Storage Technology

Developer Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for Developers interested in participating as well as those already approved by GSFA and ready to submit projects for review and approval. It is intended for use by developers and contractors only.

Developers and contractors, if you have additional questions, please contact us by email at

NOTE: Property owners, if you are interested in applying for SGIP-ERB rebates for Energy Storage Technology, please contact a GSFA ARP Developer for more information and/or a program application.

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Project Forms

The following documents will assist GSFA Approved Developers or homeowners with submitting SGIP-ERB Approved Projects for bridge financing through the GSFA ARP Program:

Webinar Presents New Finance Program that Helps SGIP Developers Close More SGIP-ERB Jobs



Training Webinar recorded January 28, 2021


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California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP-ERB) has payment levels that are typically high enough to pay the entire cost of a residential battery storage system installation. Though SGIP-ERB incentives are attractive, they are provided months after the completion of the actual SGIP-ERB work. This may present challenges to Developers or Homeowners to float the cost of each project.

The Golden State Finance Authority Advance Rebate Payment Program (GSFA ARP) helps resolve this challenge by providing the bridge financing, called the ARP Funds, which are provided in advance of the SGIP-ERB incentive at no cost, no fees to either the Developer or the Homeowner. ARP Funds are available for any SGIP-ERB approved single family residence projects and covers the entire approved SGIP-ERB incentive.

Program enrollment is fast and easy. This webinar will help by covering the following:

  • SGIP and GSFA ARP Fundamentals
  • ARP Developer Eligibility and Enrolment Process
  • Program Marketing Activities and Tools
  • Timeline

ARP Funds are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to get your fair share.

ARP Funds are made available through a grant funded by the California Energy Commission and the US Department of Energy.




Program Guidelines



To Become a GSFA Approved Developer

To participate in the GSFA ARP Program, Developer must be an SGIP approved developer in good standing under SGIP and maintain licensing and insurance requirements as outlined under the SGIP Program and as required by State law.

To apply for GSFA Approval as a Developer for the GSFA ARP Program, complete and return to GSFA the following documents:





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