GSFA Platinum® — Down Payment Assistance Program

Provides Down Payment Assistance in the form of a Gift or Forgivable Second Loan

GSFA Platinum® Income Limits

The GSFA Platinum Program provides financial assistance to low and moderate-income homebuyers in California. Therefore, the Program has income limits based on First Mortgage Loan type and the county in which the property is located.

Please use the lookup tool below to find the applicable Income Limit.



The Program Income Limit for FHA, VA and USDA first mortgages is listed by County below:

Or download all counties here

Freddie Mac

The Program Income Limit for Freddie Mac first mortgages is listed by County below:

Or download all counties here



Homeownership Counseling Services - Preparation for the Future

Homebuyers that don't initially qualify for a mortgage loan under one of the GSFA homebuyer programs now have access to FREE homeownership counseling*.

Benefits to Homebuyers

  • Assistance in financial planning and preparation pre- and post-purchase.
  • Loan pre-qualification review before meeting with a lender.
  • Reduced risk of mortgage delinquency with fundamental budget counseling.
  • No cost to referred consumer.

Counseling services can be initiated by either the consumer or the GSFA Participating Lender.


* Cost for the telephone-based counseling services are covered by GSFA through a unique partnership with National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Services are provided through NCLR’s Homeownership Network (NHN). For more information, visit



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