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Maximize Your Time and Resources with Downloadable Literature from GSFA

The following literature is grouped by the specific Program. Some materials are provided in multiple languages. Use the links below to view, download, and print the PDF files.

Note: Marketing collateral is setup with one or more embedded text fields for GSFA Participating Lenders and real estate professionals to input contact information prior to printing. These are text fields only.

Note: If you have trouble typing in the embedded text fields, try downloading the pdf to your computer first.

  • GSFA Platinum® Program

    • General Homebuyer Tri-fold Brochure | English | Spanish — Updated April 2018
    • General Homebuyer Flyer | English | Spanish — Updated Oct 2018
    • General Postcard (8 1/2" x 5") | English | Spanish — Updated Feb 2018
    • General Advertisement (3"x 5") | English | Spanish — Updated Feb 2018

    • Platinum "Select" Occupational - Tri-fold Brochure | English | Spanish — August 2018
    • Platinum "Select" Occupational - Flyer | English | Spanish — August 2018

    • Platinum "Select" USDA Mortgages - Tri-fold Brochure | English | SpanishNEW Nov 2018
    • Platinum "Select" USDA Mortgages - Flyer | English | SpanishNEW Nov 2018

    • Platinum "Select" EEM Mortgages - Tri-fold Brochure | — Coming soon
    • Platinum "Select" EEM Mortgages - Flyer | — Coming soon
  • GSFA MCC® Program

  • GSFA Energy Efficiency Financing Program

Want to Create Your Own Marketing Literature? Great!

Many mortgage professionals choose to design their own marketing literature, advertisements, and news articles.

As long as you are approved by GSFA as a Participating Lender for the Program you are promoting OR you are a real estate professional working closely with a GSFA Participating Lender, we encourage you to do so. See GSFA Marketing Guidelines.

What we ask is that you represent the GSFA Homeownership Programs with accuracy and abide by all applicable state and federal laws.

Here are a few quick tips to help you make your print media more effective:

  • Use Headlines with Action Phrases
  • Avoid Jargon
  • Identify the "value"

A huge part of the buying process in general centers around the concept of "value" - what the product or service will do for the consumer. Communicate that. Speak in a language that is familiar to the audience, avoiding mortgage terminology they might not understand. And use headlines, subheads, and bullet points, all elements that can help your reader quickly identify how and what your product or service will do for them.


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