About Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA)

Who We Are and What We Do

Supporting Affordable Homeownership in California for 24 Years

Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), is a California joint powers authority and a duly constituted public entity and agency.

The Authority was organized in 1993 and exists under and by virtue of Articles 1-4 of Chapter 5 of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code of the State of California.

GSFA has distinguished itself as a leader in housing finance in California for over two decades helping over 71,400 individuals and families purchase a home. GSFA has provided more than $505.2 million in down payment assistance and financing for 27,200 energy efficiency improvement projects.


From January 1993 to the present, GSFA has:(1)

  • Assisted more than 71,400 individuals or families to purchase homes in California;
  • Gifted over $184.9 million in down payment assistance gifts;
  • Provided $320.2 million in down payment assistance second mortgages;
  • Participated in over $11.3 billion in loan financing of first and second mortgages;
  • Issued $2.7 billion in tax exempt and taxable mortgage revenue bonds; and
  • Provided financing for 27,200 residential or commercial energy efficiency projects.

(1) Data current as of 10/04/2017.




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